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NFL Players Speak Out After Culliver Comments

NFL Players Speak Out After Culliver Comments

NFL players responded to the inflammatory comments that San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver regarding homosexuality in football just a few days before Super Bowl XLVII.

Shock jock Artie Lange revealed he had interviewed Culliver at media day Tuesday and aired a segment on his show that night, where the player insisted that any gay players would not be welcome on the team.

In a press conference today for USA Network's soon-to-be aired documentary "NFL Characters Unite," New York Giants DE Justin Tuck, Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and Baltimore Ravens LB Jameel McClain took a moment to address Culliver's comments.  None felt there was room in the NFL for hate or bullying.

"I don't care what your sexual orientation is. As long as you can score touchdowns, sack quaterbacks and help us win ball games, you can do whatever you want," says Fitzgerald. 

NFL Characters Unite, whichs airs on USA Network on Friday February 8 at 7PM EST, profiles NFL stars, including Tuck, Fitzgerald, McClain and Troy Polamalu, as they share personal stories of discrimination, bigotry and bullying.  The players are paired with a child or teen in his community that is facing the same challenges to help them overcome adversity. 


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