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Lumineers say Elton John slapped drummer at Grammys

Lumineers say Elton John slapped drummer at Grammys

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The Lumineers say Elton John recently slapped their drummer, Jeremiah Fraites, but it turns out it was the good kind of slap. 

Frontman Wesley Schultz told XFL London that they met the rock icon earlier this month at the Grammy Awards.  Elton said he was a fan of the band's debut album, but an incredulous and star-struck Fraites said there was no way he had heard their music. 

That's when Elton slapped him in the face and said he "definitely did."  Schultz says John appeared "really upset" that they questioned whether or not he actually knew who they were.  Still, he called it a "special moment" for the band. 

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