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21 banned Super Bowl ads

21 banned Super Bowl ads

Business Insider - A "banned ad" that doesn't get past a netwrok's Standards & Practices Department sometimes does wonders for a company's buzz.

2013: SodaStream's first-ever Super Bowl ad got rejected by CBS for attacking two other huge game sponsors: Coke and Pepsi. SodaStream edited a new cut that will run.

2013: Although it's highly suspect that PornHub ever intended to buy a Super Bowl spot, the company said CBS rejected this spot because it related to porn. (Even though the ad itself is PG.)

2012: According to "the Big and the Beautiful" dating site, NBC rejected this ad because it featured bigger rather than skinny women in sexual situations. Really, it was sexually explicit, and it's questionable if the site would even pass the network's credit check.

2011: Conservative website said that Fox rejected its ad for inappropriate content.

2011: Adultery dating site Ashley Madison is known for publicity stunt tactics, including press releases about banned Super Bowl ads. Fox commented that "we do not provide information about materials that may or may not have been submitted for review, nor do we discuss our broadcast standards policies."

2011: According to a statement from, Fox rejected this spot because it "does not accept advertising from religious organizations for the purpose of advancing particular beliefs or practices.”

2010: CBS refused to air the first version of Electronic Arts' ad for "Dante's Inferno" since it ended with the phrase "Go to Hell." EA changed the final tagline to "Hell awaits," and the ad ran.

2010: Bud Light's "Clothing Drive" showed men taking it all off to get a free beer for a clothing drive. Here's the extended version:

2010: While gay dating site Man Crunch said that it believed CBS wouldn't reject an identical spot featuring a straight couple, it also admitted that it hadn't passed CBS' credit check.

2010: This ad for text message service KGB was banned because, well, it starred men with heads up their butts. The spot was called "In the Hole."

2010: GoDaddy said it was "floored" that this ad, called "Lola," was rejected by CBS for having "the potential to offend viewers."

2009: NBC rejected PETA's "Veggie Love" ad for being way too sexual and edits would need to be made. PETA did not edit the spot and opted out (which sounds like a publicity stunt).

2009: Ashley Madison said that this tame spot for its adultery website was banned for its overall content.

2009: NBC rejected Catholic Vote's pro-life ad — which showed an ultrasound and text that even though Obama was born into hardship, he succeeded — because it dealt with political issues.

2008: FOX rejected Go Daddy's "Very Rude Beaver" ad for, well, using the word "beaver" over and over again, so the company put the racy spot on its website.

2008: Bud Light's "Cut the Cheese" ad was deemed too controversial for TV due to all the flatulence innuendos.

2007: The Apology Bot had appeared in various Bud Light campaigns, but this morbid commercial was too controversial for the Super Bowl by CBS.

2007: This "Apology Bot" iteration also didn't make the cut.

2007: Bud Light's "Skinny Dipping" spot might not have made the Super Bowl cut, but it later went viral on YouTube.

2005: Fox said Mickey Rooney couldn't show his butt in this Airborne ad.

2004: The Church of Christ, which accepts gays and lesbians, said CBS rejected its ad over a scene that initially shows two gay men getting turned away from a bouncer at another church.


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