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REVIEW: The Last Stand

REVIEW: The Last Stand

Yes -  65 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger  still has it.  This one was tailor-made  for the ex-Cali governor as his  comeback starring role, after leaving office.  And if it’s mindless , violent  entertainment  you’re after, this one fits the bill.

Arnold plays an ex LAPD cop who’s now the sheriff of a sleepy  Arizona town on the Mexican border. Well, it’s sleepy til the most notorious Mexican drug kingpin  breaks out of custody in a very creative Vegas escape, racing to the border in a Batmobile-like car along with an FBI hostage who looks like she came from a Victoria’s secret  catalog. In fact, that’s true of all the young unknown female co-stars.

The whole movie is one big car chase with tons of violence  and a lot of laughs, thanks in large part to Luis  Guzman and Johnny Knoxvile.  While at times  the story line has more holes than swiss cheese, it’s exactly  what  you’d expect if you have total recall of “The Terminator” legend.

3 stars


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