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REVIEW: The Hobbit

REVIEW: The Hobbit

For those un-aware, Hobbits are docile creatures of the Shire. They live unobtrusive lives with little interest in the affairs of the outside world. A good example would be Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), a hobbit with a plan. And that plan is to avoid danger and adventure at all costs, which is a valid point until one is contacted by the great wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen).

The road that lies ahead of Bilbo is filled with Dragons, Elves, Orcs and most noticeably his traveling companions the Dwarves. And while it is his quest, it is to their aid he ventures. They have lost their home Erebor to a living natural disaster by the name of Smaug and only a Hobbit can provide the skills they need.

This movie is much anticipated by all who have an open mind for fantasy. Long in the tooth as it were, this story spends much time reintroducing us to the world of Hobbits, magical rings and more. It is a brilliant movie to look at and raises the bar in many respects, but while I am intrigued by the advances, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of HFR (High Frame Rate).

Some theaters will show a very high end experience with cameras pushing out 48 Frames per second as opposed to the 24 or even 30 we normally view. Don't get me wrong, this technology makes action sequences twice as nice, but slower scenes seem to pull you out of the movie and...I apologize; I've gotten off on a technological rant.

The Hobbit is the beginning of the story, but it calls back or rather forward to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Many times weaving in and out of the present and "future" history. Some great character surprises are in store for all, with plenty of new moments to enjoy. At the end, this movie is part of a much larger world. So if you are already a fan, then you are already in line physically or just in your heart.

Grade: B

Rating: PG-13

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