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REVIEW: Snitch

REVIEW: Snitch

This is no “Tooth Fairy”.  He can really act! The actor formerly known as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, gives his most impressive  career performance yet in this action thriller-family drama that centers on a hardcore issue: mandatory drug sentences that  can mean longer jail terms than those for rapists or even murderers.

Based on a real-life “Frontline” report , Johnson stars as a trucking company owner whose headed-for-college son is accused of a drug distribution crime. Basically, the kid faces a mandatory ten years unless, like a “good” friend did to him , he turns in another drug distributor (even if he has to frame him like he was framed) to knock down the sentence.  The kid refuses to play ball. So, his dad decides to take matters into his own hands and makes a deal with the U.S, attorney (Susan Sarandon) to work as an undercover informant . The question is posed to the audience: how far would you go to save your kid?

It’s all-star cast. Besides Sarandon, as the hard-as-nails ambitious prosecutor, Barry Pepper and “The Wire’s” Michael Kenneth Williams turn in gritty, hardcore performances.

Directed by one-time stunt driver Ric Roman Waugh, the action is top-notch, especially with Johnson doing all but one  scene without a stunt double. Very impressive. Equally impressive is that it’s balanced as a family drama . Not to mention the social issue that will weigh on you after long the movie ends.

This is definitely not your typical mindless Hollywood  thriller.

3 stars


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