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REVIEW: Playing For Keeps

REVIEW: Playing For Keeps

Knowing Gerard Butler’s love for soccer, I naively went into this movie thinking  it could be the next more than decent soccer film since “Bend It Like Beckham”  broke Keira Knightley’s career 10 years ago.  Silly me.

This movie insults the intelligence of soccer fans and women alike.  Butler plays an ex-soccer star who moves to Virginia to try to piece together his life with his ex-wife (Jessica Biel) and  estranged  son.  Before trying to woo back his wife, he can’t resist the charms of the  soccer moms who are all out  to seduce their kids’ new coach. Among the soccer moms who have nothing more on their minds : Uma Thurman; Catherine Zeta-Jones  and Judy Greer.  Seriously??  You couldn’t diss soccer moms  more.

 Maybe you’re surprised at such big-name  stars involved in this sub-par mess??  Add  Dennis Quaid to the list.  My theory: Quaid ; Zeta-Jones and  Thurman all have kids who probably play soccer. Catering to their kids, possibly. 

No goals scored in this one.

0 stars


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