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REVIEW: Killing Them Softly

REVIEW: Killing Them Softly

The seedy world of thieves, bookies, killers and drug merchants collide where money is concerned. And money is the soup of the day for two low-lifes and a mid-range master planner. Having hatched a perfect plan to rob a well-known card game with the opportunity to score big and best yet, get away with it.

The getting away with it being the main focus, as they let the blame fall on Markie (Ray Liotta). A self-proclaimed thief to all, that came up with the wrong cards when his final hand was dealt. Of course, no crime would be complete without the low-rent gunmen flapping their gums to the wrong people at all the wrong times.

Enter Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt), an enforcer for organized crime that provides bullets to those in need for a modest fee. Along for the ride is a fellow hit man named Mickey (James Gandolfini) who has a superb track record behind him, though Jackie discovers the present hasn't been so kind to his fellow trigger puller. From there you have to wait and see who survives the mess that is less-than-organized crime.

This movie starts out strong, but loses its artistic edge halfway through. While not a total mess, it didn't deliver the feeling I get from a well put together film. All the pieces are there, but I felt it wanted to be seen in a different light. Pit does a great job, though he doesn't get far out of his comfort zone. Surprisingly enough, my favorite scenes were with a callow and whiny Ray Liotta. His character gains new levels at the hands of an actor most would tough guy and little else. There are very interesting characters in this film, but outside of new facets and faces, I wasn't blown away.

Grade: C+

MPAA Rating: R

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