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REVIEW: Bullet To The Head

REVIEW: Bullet To The Head

Last week, Arnold Schwarzenegger bombed in his action comeback. This week, it’s Sly Stallone’s turn in a much bloodier and louder action flick  with lots of bare boobage thrown in , just in case the fighting doesn’t get your  testosterone raging. 

While still looking as fit and sinewy as ever, Stallone’s best moments are his outrageous  quips.   In fact,  his one-liners are the only highlight in this  decidedly grade-D film. It’s kinida sad when the humor stands our more than the action in an action thriller. .  Sung Kang of “Fast Five” fame is Stallone’s unlikely partner, setting the stage for  most of the  humor.  Christian Slater  and Jon Seda have smaller roles . Sarah Shahi from “The L Word”  plays Stallone’s  daughter though  They look so  ethnically different, you’d think  she was adopted.

Put a bullet in this one.

1 star


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