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Something for those going through “Twilight” withdrawal: from the woman who created “Twilight” , Stephanie Myer offers , here’s another cross-species love story. Hey, it worked the first time.  No vampires and werewolves this time. No, now it’s humans and aliens. Aliens have taken over earth in an invasion-of-the-bodysnatchers way: they take over human bodies and wipe out their memories. The tell-tale sign: eyes that kinds look like the piercing blues of Siberian Huskies.

Some  defiant humans are still on the run. One of them, Megan (Saorise Ronan) is so resistant, when her body is taken over, her human spirit remains trapped inside.  So you basically have two people inhabiting the same body,  constantly  arguing with each other.   It really gets ridiculous when  the alien Wanda and human Megan  fall for 2 different guys, who end up kissing them in quick succession.  Now that’s a threesome!!  But hey-  this is a Stephanie Meyer creation, so what do you expect??

William Hurt  stars as the leader of the human rebels. Diane Kruger co-stars as the leaders of the seekers, the aliens who hunt down resistant humans. Max Irons  (son of the great Jeremy Irons) is the human in love with the trapped-in-the-alien Megan.

The concept works but more is less in this case.  2 hours???!!!   It’s a half hour too long. But I’m sure the “Twilight” crowd won’t complain!

2-and-a-half stars


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