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REVIEW: Alex Cross

REVIEW: Alex Cross

This is not a great movie but  I  have to say I was impressed with Tyler Perry going over-the-top against type to play the role of a homicide detective/psychologist who meets his match in a serial killer played by a very ripped and barely recognizable Matthew Fox.  Fox is the polar opposite of Dr. Jack Shepard on “Lost”.  He lost 40 pounds and did 5 months of  body sculpting in the gym. Edward Burns is the detective’s  partner and oldest friend and could really just phone it in since he does what Burns does best.  It’s always great to see Cicely Tyson, who plays the feisty, no-nonsense mom of Alex Cross.

It’s formulaic, grim and dark. While Fox is no Morgan Freeman (who played Alex Cross in two films), you’ll be surprised by his performance. This one is set about 20 years earlier in his pre-D.C. and FBI days. It’ll be interesting to see if the movie will pull in the Madea crowd.

2 stars


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